Foundation Facts


Foundation Founding

  • In 1985, Sr. Celestine Schaefers, Principal and Dr. John Locker, school board president  began envisioning a means to provide perpetual funding for St.Joseph Regional Catholic School.
  • Father Paul Koehler planted the seed of the concept of a Foundation to Sr. Celestine, Dr. Locker and others.
  • Dr. Locker, Sr. Celestine, Betty Meagher and Carolyn Eck formed the founding committee and developed the final articles of Incorporation in December, 1986.
  • The Foundation was registered as a 501c3 organization in January, 1987.
  • At the time of incorporation, the Foundation had over $20,000 in reserve.
  • The first Board of Directors consisted of Dr. John Locker, Betty Meagher and Carolyn Eck.
  • The first president of the Foundation, Dr.John Locker served until his death in 2004.  Carolyn Eck assumed to role of President and served  until the end of 2015. Garry Rosenberger was elected as President in 2015.
  • Currently the Board of Directors consist of the current Pastor of St.Joseph Church and 10 board members representing the various served Parishes. The School Principal serves as an ad hoc member. 
  • Board members are selected from appicants submitted by served Parish members. Appointments to the Board are made by vote of the current Board members.
  • Carolyn Eck has served on the Board of Directors continuously since its inception in 1986.
  • Eight Principals have served St. Joseph School since the founding of the Foundation: Sr. Celestine Schaeffers, O.S.B, Sr. Elizabeth Murphy, Sue Halfman, Cathy Lennartz, Don McCullough, Kelly Dewberry, Mary Ann Christian, and Julie VanVeckhoven.
  • Six Pastors have served on the Board: Fr.James O'Reilly, Msgr. Michael Sexton, Fr. David Buchanan, Fr. Kevin Cooke, Fr. Vincent Chembakassary, Fr. Andy Sullivan, Fr. Roy Runkle
  • Four Bishops have served the Diocese of Birmingham: Bishop Joseph G. Vath, Bishop Raymond Boland, Bishop David E. Foley, Bishop Robert J. Baker

Foundation Milestones

  • Foundation Incorporated, January, 1987.
  • First Donation to St.Joseph School, 1988.
  • Foundation achieves $1,000,000 in total assets- 2007.
  • Endowment achieves $1,000,000 in assets- 2016
  • School donations to date exceed $100,000- 1999
  • School donations to date exceed $1,000,000- 2018

Financial Facts

  • Records are maintained for all donors by parish. 
  • All donated funds are held in an Endowment fund invested in Government backed securities.
  • The Foundation has received donations in the form of money, land, two cars, stock and mutual funds.
  • When founded, CD rates were 9%-10%, current rates are 1.5%-3%
  • Total Foundation assets are approximately $1,600,000.

Board Members since Founding

Lesia Albright, Catherine Barnes, Larry Belue, Paul Bernauer, Don Boggan, Fr. David Buchanan, MaryAnn Christian, Chris Connolly, Fr. Kevin Cooke, Mary Jen Crane, Kelley Dewberry, Dave deWolfe, John Dupuis, Virginia Easterling, Carolyn Eck, Anthony Eckl, Carol Eckl, Felice Green, Sue Halfman, Cathy Lennartz, John Locker, Mark Locker, Huyen Le, George Manush, Patricia Mauter, Don McCullough, Betty Meagher, Sr. Elizabeth Murphy, Audrey Newton, Fr. James O'Reilly, Cedric Parker, David Pongetti, Fr. Vincent Chembakassary, Garry Rosenberger, Thomas Ross, Sr. Celestine Schaefers, Msgr. Michael Sexton, Fr. Andy Sullivan, Pam Taylor, Amy Thompson

Board Meeting Dates

  • Annual Meeting - Second Tuesday in September. Election of Officers.
  • Winter Meeting - Second Tuesday in January. Year end Financial status, determination of annual gift to School.
  • Spring Meeting - Second Tuesday in May. School year recap and outlook for following year.

Board meetings begin at 6:30pm and are held at St. Joseph Parish, either in the Parish Hall or Parish Office Building.

Special meetings may be held at other times.

Board members serve 10 year terms and are appointed by the current board from applicants and referrals submitted by members of the various parishes served by the School.